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All-In-One Event Registration System

CODAEXPO is a powerful event registration system for conferences, workshops, camps, classes, and more. With a comprehensive suite of tools, our platform simplifies every aspect of event management, from registration to ticketing, ensuring seamless operations.

Tailor your event's registration and ticketing seamlessly with our all-in-one solution, designed for efficiency and ease. Perfect for organizers looking to enhance attendee management and ticket handling.

Highlighted Features

Fully Tailored Multi-Language Website

Stand out with our multi-language, customizable event website tailored to your brand. Seamlessly integrate the tools and integrations you need to elevate your event experience.

Own Your Registration Process

Take control of your event's registration with custom visitor and speaker approval processes. Integrated feedback forms ensure valuable insights, while the ability to collect and approve speaker abstracts streamlines event planning.


Built In Badge Scanning With Venue Selection

Effortlessly manage multiple halls with our built-in badge scanning feature. Record attendance, prevent duplicate entries, and manage VIP access with ease. Simplify venue selection and streamline access control for a seamless event experience.

Real-time Updates For your Attendees

effortlessly customize and update schedules in real-time, ensuring attendees have access to the most accurate information throughout the event, enhancing their overall event experience.


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Comprehensive feature set for a powerful event management solution

Discover the essential features and countless extras that make CODAEXPO the ultimate event management solution. We're continuously innovating to ensure your event registrations are effortless.

About Us

Customized Website Design

Custom visitor and speaker approval process

Multi-language support

Attendee Management (Event CRM)

Custom ticket types

Speaker Abstract Collection and Talk Approval

Online Payment Collection

Real-time schedule updates

Multiple badge designs

Multiple Roles for Event Management

Generate and issue tickets

Tailored messaging system

Built-In Ticket Scanning for Multiple Halls

Specialized CMS to edit news and blogs

Certificates for attendees and speakers

Detailed real-time attendance statistics

Feedback Form Collection

Unlimited attendees

Custom Integration with Third-Party Tools

Mobile Web App

Experience the power of seamless event registrations firsthand. Book a quick demo with our team today!

CODAEXPO is built using best modern website development technologies and frameworks


Distributed cloud hosting


Why Choose CODAEXPO for Your Event Management Needs


Highly Scalable infrastructure

Be prepared for peak traffic without the worry of website crashes. Our highly scalable infrastructure ensures a smooth registration experience for all attendees, even during the busiest times.

Fast, Premium support

Gain access to premium support from our dedicated team. Whether you need assistance with customizations or have questions about our features, our experts are here to provide swift and reliable assistance.

European Standards of Quality

Trust in our legacy of upholding the highest European standards of quality. We're committed to delivering an exceptional experience that meets and exceeds your expectations, ensuring your event runs seamlessly from start to finish.

Own Your Data

With CODAEXPO, your data remains yours. Enjoy full access to the database and the freedom to export it as needed. Say goodbye to vendor CODAEXPO final website outline 4 lock-in and take control of your event data like never before.

Unlock the full potential of your events at an unbeatable value!

Starting from 1,590 AED

Get started with our event management software for as low as 1,590 AED per month. This includes regular updates and maintenance to ensure your system is always up-to-date and running smoothly.

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Minimum Contract Commitment

Enjoy the flexibility of a minimum 12-month contract commitment, after which you can renew on a monthly basis to suit your evolving needs.

Optional Lifetime License

For those seeking long-term commitment and additional benefits, our sales team can discuss options for a lifetime license tailored to your requirements.

Unlimited Possibilities, No Hidden Costs

Unlimited Attendees

Whether its 10 or 10,000 attendees, your event is covered with no extra charges.

Access to All Features

Enjoy the complete suite of features without any additional costs. From ticketing tiers to real-time analytics, its all included.
Exclusive Benefits

No Commission

Keep every penny of your ticket sales. We believe in empowering your success without taking a cut.

Future Upgrades

Stay ahead of the curve with continuous feature upgrades. Our support and maintenance package ensures you're always equipped with the latest tools and innovations.
Transparent Pricing, Unmatched Value

Online Payment Processing Fees

Please note that online payment processing fees are charged separately for full transparency.

Support and Maintenance Package

Enhance your experience with our optional support and maintenance package, available at a separate quarterly fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

CODAEXPO distinguishes itself with its fully customizable event platform, tailored to fit your brand and requirements precisely. This customization is particularly crucial for organizing events in Dubai and Saudi Arabia, given the high volume of events taking place.
Our event ticketing software offers fully customizable and automated processes to suit the needs of each event. Attendees can create profiles and reuse them across multiple events, saving time during registration. Organizers benefit from a streamlined dashboard for managing and approving attendance.
CODAEXPO's event management software boasts a fully tailored event website, personalized registration processes, and a powerful attendance scanning app among its key features.
Yes, CODAEXPO event registration system in Dubai is optimized to handle large number of visitors at Dubai events. Additionally, we actively integrate with Dubai Authority systems, such as the DTCM API, to comply with local regulations.
Organizers in Dubai benefit from high-performance infrastructure, premium support, and an exceptionally reliable system built to European standards.
Absolutely, CODAEXPO provides comprehensive event solutions with extensive customization options to suit your unique needs.
We offer extensive support, ranging from usage assistance to software upgrades and customization. During critical event times, our team monitors the application and servers to ensure smooth operation.
Our custom system manages ticketing and attendee registration, offering multiple ticket types with custom badge designs. The built-in scanning app ensures easy access control and smooth event operation.
Yes, CODAEXPO event management platform supports multiple-language configurations. Currently we have English and Arabic support out of the box, with the flexibility to add more languages as needed.
CODAEXPO provides an easy to use platform for organizers of conferences, workshops, webinars and classes for registering attendees, obtaining quality feedback, and issuing certificates based on recorded attendance, ideal for various event types.
CODAEXPO event management system complies by highest privacy standards. The event software is deployed in the cloud and can be located in region of your choosing. For event organizers in Dubai and event organizers in Saudi Arabia it can be configured on local cloud providers to ensure maximum privacy and compliance with the regulations.
Ticket sales on CODAEXPO event registration platform is handled by third party payment providers. We offer integrations to multiple payment providers, such as Stripe, TAP, Telr and others. All provider are PCI DSS Level 1 compliant, ensuring the highest security and protection.
CODAEXPO offers the highest level of customization for event websites and ticketing options, tailoring the software precisely to your requirements.
Yes, CODATIVITY provides basic training and onboarding for event organizers using CODAEXPO event management solutions.
CODAEXPO event registration platform features a tailored messaging system that sends email notifications to organizers and attendees about new messages, facilitating seamless interactions.

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