Modernizing Legacy Software for a Freight Forwarding and Warehouse Business

Customer Portal with Custom API Integration

Modernizing Legacy Software for a Freight Forwarding and Warehouse Business

Software Modernization

Customer Portal with Custom API Integration


Codativity was tasked with modernizing the software of a freight forwarding and warehouse business. The challenge was to update the system without disrupting the core business processes that relied on the expensive legacy on-premise system. The goal was to provide flexibility to employees and customers, while also integrating with the existing system to save costs and maintain process consistency.

Our Approach

In order to produce a solution that directly addressed the client’s pain points, we took the following approach:

Analysis of the existing system with business stakeholders

Collecting the specifications and requirement from the client

Designing an integration of existing system with a new web front-end using a tailored API

The Solution

Codativity developed a custom API hosted with the client, which tapped into the existing system and provided access for the new front-end: a web application accessible both by employees to simplify remote work and customers, querying information about shipment. Our services offered

Development of the custom API (.NET core)

Planning system architecture to integrate with the existing ERP

Web application development used for customers and employees

Results & Benefits

The solution helped the client save a significant amount in investment into a new system. By integrating with the existing system and providing a modern front-end solution, the client saw three major benefits:


Added flexibility for employees working remotely, allowing them to access the system from anywhere.


Saved employees hours per day by enabling customers to access shipment information online, reducing the need for manual communication.


Updated system helped the company save money because they didn't have to buy a whole new logistics ERP

At A Glance



No disruption to the business process


Legacy ERP system, core to the business


Address the needs of internal users and customers



Modern web app improved company's image with customers


Maximized efficiency of employees focusing on core


Company saved costs by integrating with existing system

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