HR Training Agency Online Learning Platform

Comprehensive solution for an HR agency struggling with outdated technology

HR Training Agency Online Learning Platform

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Comprehensive solution for an HR agency struggling with outdated technology


Our client, an HR agency providing premium training opportunities, faced multiple operational issues stemming from outdated technology and inadequate training programs. These issues included a broken website, accessibility issues with the Learning Management System (LMS) content, and problems with managing sales and customer services in the LMS resulting in poor operational support for sales and customer service. As the client was fast losing customers, a short timeframe for implementation was paramount.

Our Approach

To address the client's operational problems quickly, we took the following approach:

Conduct a deep analysis of their current system and performed a full sales & CS process review

Analysed available LMS solutions on the market for quick deployment

Focused on planning a comprehensive solution, which will connect their CRM, LMS and website

The Solution

Codativity implemented a complete website redesign with modern interface using GatsbyJS. Website was paired with a customized e-commerce system and integrated with an open-source LMS Open EdX. The full solution was deployed to a dedicated cloud hosting offering scalability. All the system were deeply integrated, so client was able to start selling services immediately and start generating revenue. Codativity provided services:

Design and development of a modern corporate website to re-affirm the company image and trust, using GatsbyJS

Setup and customize the LMS, migrate the course content and develop a custom direct integration with the website

Deploy a customized e-commerce system, deeply integrated with the website and LMS

Results & Benefits

Comprehensive and tightly integrated solution delivered allowed the client to quickly onboard new customers to their training programmes and returned customer trust into the brand. Three main solution benefits:


Restored reputation of the agency with a bespoke modern website, resulted in increase of traffic and 15% increase in conversions


Customer satisfaction rose significantly, as they were able to quickly enrol into courses and use a familiar system


The client was able to increase customer numbers and revenue generated by 40% year over year in the first year after implementation

At A Glance



Broken e-commerce system causing severe revenue loss


Outdated LMS required constant employee intervention


Old website with a broken design


Short timeframe for implementation



Restored agency reputation with modern website


Simplified enrolment process and time to learning


Increase in revenue and customer satisfaction

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