Employee Tracking Mobile App for Oil&Gas Industry


The client was referred to us by a technology partner because they were facing operational challenges posed by their manual system for recording Worksite Time & Attendance and COVID Status. The client wanted a practical technology solution to accurately record and track on-site worker attendance in a manner that was linked to but not directly accessing the company’s secure systems.

Our Approach

In order to produce a solution that directly addressed the client’s pain points, we took the following approach:

Discussed the current inefficiencies and objectives of the project with business stakeholders

Understood the operational requirements and intended application of the solution

Focussed on security-minded design and development given the industry standards

The Solution

Codativity partnered with the T&A system provider and the Client’s IT Development team to design a secure mobile app with supporting infrastructure to enable real time, accurate reporting of worker attendance. Our services offered:

Product discovery workshop to collaborate on solutions to the user’s challenges

Android App Development including UX/UI design

API Server Development with Integration to the Existing System

Results & Benefits

Our easy to use app allowed shift drivers to record and verify workers' attendance details in real-time. The solution facilitated:


An increase in productivity because of time saved at drop off and pick up


A clear view for the company to report on the whereabouts of workers at all times


More accurate calculation of payroll expenses and tracking of COVID status

At A Glance



Manual recording off-site worker attendance


Tracking COVID status


High security requirements due to the nature of industry



Increased productivity


More accurate security overview


Simplified calculation of payroll expenses

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